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RCT's & RAT's
What are they?
How do I detect them?
How many are there?
What ports do they use?

How do I Remove?
Acid Shivers
Acid Shivers (modified)
Back Orifice
Baron Knight
Big Gluck
Blade Runner
Deep Back Orifice
Delta Source
Doly Trojan
Deep Throat
Deep Throat v2
Executer v1
Executer v2
Hack 'a' Tack
Master's Paradise
NetBus 2 Pro
Sockets 'de Troie
SubSeven (Sub7)
Whack-a-mole (NetBus)

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Recommended Software

  • WinTasks 4 Professional
  • WinTasks 4 Professional is a program no one should be without!

    After installing WinTasks 4 Professional, I was immediately in awe. It's interface is extremely easy to use and the information it provides is fantastic!

  • WinTasks Backup
  • WinTasks Backup has got to be the easiest backup program I've ever used!

    WIth a few clicks of the mouse, I had my entire hard drive backed with compression in less than two hours!

  • VisNetic Firewall (formerly Ambra Firewall)
  • VisNetic Firewall delivers protection to security-conscious professionals. More secure than the average personal firewall or application-level firewall, yet more cost effective than high-end firewalls, VisNetic Firewall provides peace-of-mind through comprehensive intrusion protection.

    VisNetic Firewall examines each packet being sent, inside and outside of the network to verify whether the packet is allowed or denied access through the firewall.

    VisNetic Firewall guards the computers of Telecommuters/Mobile Users, Windows-based Workstations, Windows-based Servers, and Business Networks.

  • Network Spy
  • Network Spy has got to be the best packet capture program for Windows!

    Network Spy is a basic Network Analysis tool for windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP that picks up and decodes IP protocol packets from a local or remote ethernet adapter. Also included in the package are bandwidth monitor, ARP monitor and Packet Generator. The bandwidth monitor measures the throughput of your network and the ARP monitor listens to ARP requests and responses and builds a table of IP address vs. MAC address.

    Network Spy has a number of features:
    No bloat software, small and fast executables.
    Easy installation (requires no reboot) and uninstall.
    Dynamically loaded drivers at runtime.
    Simple user-interface.
    View network traffic in realtime.
    Capture packets on a remote network.

  • Macromedia HomeSite
  • Macromedia HomeSite is the award-winning HTML editing tool that lets you build great Web sites in less time, while maintaining Pure HTML. Unlike WYSIWYG authoring tools, HomeSite gives you precise layout control, total design flexibility and full access to the latest Web technologies, such as DHTML, SMIL, Cascading Style Sheets and JavaScript. macromedia HomeSite is the only HTML editor featuring a visual development environment that preserves code integrity.

    The intuitive HomeSite WYSIWYN (what you see is what you need) interface puts the tools you need right at your fingertips. HomeSite's site management and quality control features -- Site View, HTML validation, spell checking, CodeSweeper, link verification, and more -- make it easy to control the quality of your entire site. As professional Web developers advise, "don't build your Web site without it!"

  • MemTurbo II
  • MemTurbo II increases your system performance by making more RAM available for your applications and the operating system. It also defragments your physical RAM, increasing the efficiency of your CPU and Motherboard caches. MemTurbo II also recovers memory leaks from poorly behaved applications and flushes unused libraries and DLLs temporarily out to disk, making more room for your favorite games or applications.

  • CompuPic
  • CompuPic

    CompuPic is incredible!

    Using a streamlined and an imaginative interface, CompuPic combines extreme power and incredible ease of use into an unsurpassed program for all your digital content needs! The feature that I enjoyed most, was the ability to create and send email greeting cards. You can do it in less than five minutes! CompuPic is the complete solution for users, regardless of experience or skill!

    Manage Your Files
    Manage files visually using thumbnails, searching, keywording, and multiple view styles. Copy, move, rename, and delete files with ease. Supports full drag and drop!

    View Your Files
    View dozens of graphics and multimedia formats using CompuPic. Ultra-fast viewing with zooming and panning built in!

    Share Your Files
    E-mail files and custom electronic greeting cards right from CompuPic!

    Enhance Your Graphics
    CompuPic supports many common editing operations: crop, rotate, resize, add text and talk bubbles, vignettes, color adjust, convert file type, and more!

    Added Functionality
    Create picture catalogs, slideshows, screensavers, perform batch conversions, change desktop wallpaper and more!,

  • TweakDUN
  • TweakDUN offers users a number of useful functions... the ability to change various Windows Registry settings to enhance data transfer rates. The registered version also includes an MTU Search which can aid in determining the MTU setting between you and your local provider. It also permits the user to configure a local hosts file to speed up Domain Name searches. The registered version of TweakDUN also features an Internet Update feature which will automatically find out if an updated version is available, download it and install it.

  • CSE HTML Validator
  • CSE HTML Validator helps you find and correct the following problems in your HTML documents:
    Misspelled or invalid tag names, tag attributes, tag attribute values, and character entities
    Missing and mismatched quotation marks
    Missing or extra closing tags
    Incorrect placing and nesting of tags
    Incorrect or incompatible HTML based on a specific browser or HTML version (for example, notifies you of many Netscape specific or Internet Explorer specific tags, attributes, and attribute values)
    Use of high ASCII characters in HTML documents

  • NeoTrace
  • NeoTrace is a high-speed graphical traceroute with integrated whois and ping. It is extremely fast, simple to use and returns a wealth of information. NeoTrace is very popular for detecting network problems and finding net information, it is also a great tool for spam hunters.

  • NeoLite
  • NeoLite reduces the size of your 32-bit Windows programs by up to 70%. Programs compressed with NeoLite are permanently stored in compressed form, reducing network traffic, decreasing load time and protecting your programs from decompilers. The compression is automatic and completely invisible to the user.

  • WinZip!
  • WinZip brings the convenience of Windows to the use of Zip files and other archive and compression formats. The optional wizard interface makes unzipping easier than ever. WinZip features built-in support for popular Internet file formats, including TAR, gzip, Unix compress, UUencode, BinHex, and MIME. ARJ, LZH, and ARC files are supported via external programs. WinZip interfaces to most virus scanners.

  • VuePrint
  • VuePrint is the most widely used Windows program for viewing images, with more copies downloaded from America Online and CompuServe than any other viewer. VuePrint is easy to download and install, easy to use, and easy to remove. You don't need to know anything about images or file formats to use VuePrint - just tell it to open a file, and it automatically displays any images it finds in this file. VuePrint is easy to use but is also the Swiss Army Knife of image viewers - take a look at some tips for using VuePrint for some more things you can do with VuePrint.

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