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Devil currently affects Windows 95/98 PC's.

The "server" portion is named "ICQFlood.exe". It's approximately 25Kb in size and can usually be found in the either the WINDOWS or WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory.

Port 65000 (by default) is used to establish the connection between the "client" and "server".

Who is Responsible?

Devil was written by an individual named JACK@$$.

Here are some of the functions that Devil offers:

- Open/Close CDROM
- Send "Beep" Signal
- Send text to Notepad
- Send Message "Yche! Yche!" with interval
- Send Applications Bomb
- Notepad Flooder
- Reboot
- Windows Clean Up
- ICQ Killer

Here's a picture of what the "client" portion of the software looks like.

Devil GUI screenshot

How to Remove Devil


While Commodon Communications does not participate in or condone the activities of hacking. We recognize the need to educate persons who express an interest so they can better identify the activities associated and to better protect themselves and/or their organization. If you're interested in purchasing software for the purpose of learning the subject of hacking and Internet Security click here to visit our online store.

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